Vascular Laser: Candela V-Beam Laser

The Candela V-Beam laser system is a device that passes through the different layers of skin and treats the abnormal blood vessels seen in spider veins and other skin vascular lesions, without harming the surrounding skin. Lesions most commonly fade slowly over time as the treated vessels or areas of pigmentation are eliminated by normal body processes.

Dermatological conditions which respond well to V-Beam treatment are the following:

Rosacea, broken veins on the face (those unsightly red veins on the cheeks and around the nose) and trunk (telangiectasia), spider (cherry) angiomas, long term photo (sun) damage on the face, neck and upper chest, venous lakes on the lips, keloids (thick scars) and warts.

The most exciting aspect of the V-Beam laser is the ability to treat the skin with only minimal or no purpura (bleeding under the skin) at all. Infants and adults can be treated. The discomfort of the procedure is alleviated by the use of the magical cooling device. No pain medication or anaesthesia is needed during the treatment. The only sign that it works is a bluish discolouration that may last 7 to 10 days.

Some pigmented lesions can also be treated with the V-Beam, eg: freckles and solar lentigenes (age spots). The V-Beam is not indicated for patients who are darkly pigmented, because of the increased risk of pigmentary changes after the treatment. The depth of penetration of the V-Beam is limited to vessels about 1.5mm in depth. Therefore, vessels deeper than this may not respond to the therapy. Additionally, blue vessels may not respond as well as red ones.

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