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Due to the complexity of the Health Care environment and especially Medical Aids, all accounts are treated on an individual basis. This practice is set up to do electronic real-time claiming from certain medical aids. The full account will still be your responsibility if the account is fully or partially unpaid by your medical aid.


Billing Policy of Dr Marianne Duvenage

This is a Private business. We set out our fees as we deem appropriate for the quality and complexity of services rendered.

Our fee-structure is not based on what your medical aid is prepared to pay for the service.There might be a shortfall between the fees we levy and what your medical aid will pay.

It is not a transaction between me and your medical aid, but between me (the service provider) and you (the patient).

All accounts must be settled in full on the day of service. It is up to you as patient to claim any amounts back from your medical aid.
Please do not ask for discount.

If this office, as a special favour, agrees to send your account to your medical aid, the payment still remains your responsibility as the service was rendered to you and not your medical aid. Even if this practice submits the account directly to a scheme, the patient will ultimately be liable for the full costs, interest (as specified in the National Credit Act) and any costs incurred in the recovery process (in the event of an account not being settled in full).

“Since 2006 doctors are ethically obliged to respect the patient’s right to confidentiality, the practice ought to obtain written consent from the patient on disclosure of their condition as prescribed by ICD-10 provisions, failing which or in the absence of such consent the doctor should insist that the patients pay cash.”
(extract from Guidelines the South African Medical Association).

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