What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine strives to address the underlying basic physiological processes that underlie disease, rather than waiting for the disease process to develop fully and to then give the disease a name.

The Functional Medicine doctor uses a dynamic approach to assess, prevent and treat complex chronic disease.  Declining function of the systems of the body usually preceeds the development of any chronic disease.  These dysfunctions are the result of the interaction over many years of our environment, our lifestyle and our genetic make-up.

Although the diagnosis is important, the Functional Medicine doctor focusses of restoring the fundamental physiological processes, adjusting the environmental inputs and keeping the genetic predisposition in mind to restore function and health.

The focus is thus not only on simply controlling signs and symptoms, although conventional medicine is used when appropriate and necessary.

As a Dermatologist, I will only focus on complex disease that involves the skin.